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Asteris Keystone Community is a web application that facilitates the transmission of DICOM studies to a specific consultant/specialist.


Asteris Keystone Community is not intended to be a primary DICOM image viewer; it serves to facilitate the transfer of medical data across computer networks.

Asteris Keystone Community Set up

The following link should be utilized to access the FREE Asteris Keystone Community which is your portal for sending consultation requests to Alpharetta Veterinary Radiology Services. 


You will be prompted to complete a one-time registration to create your Keystone Community account. 

you can access Keystone Community from any device by going to and use the Login button at the top or directly navigate to 

Here is a link to a short video that will help with setup and use of your new Keystone Community account:

To install and configure the DICOM Service, please utilize the following link for instructions

 DICOM Service Installation Instructions

Now you’re free to easily submit consultation requests!!

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